7 Best Programming Languages to Launch Your Software Development Career

2018 is expected to be another year of automation and features deployments of large software for increased productivity, with the computing industry at its peak. This is driving a skyrocketing demand to be software developers who are highly skilled in creating custom and standard business solutions. Software developers have enjoyed a remarkable career over the past decades. However, the cloud computing capabilities of businesses have led to a shift towards open source programming languages in recent years.
There are many programming languages that can be used to create business solutions. These solutions can be promoted as software, web apps, or mobile applications. Some programming languages are now making their way into the cloud computing space to help aspiring developers harness their futuristic efficiencies to provide niche business solutions. To master any programming language, you must have a solid understanding of Data structures and Algorithms.
These are the top 7 programming languages that are trending worldwide and can help you start your career in software development:
Java: Java is a high level programming language that was originally created by Sun Microsystems. Two Java flavors – J2EE or J2ME – are available to create enterprise and mobile applications. They can be used on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and some UNIX version. This platform-independent programming language has enabled the development of architectural-neutral applications which can be used across the internet with rich features such as portability, robustness, distributed, multithreading, and may more.
Python: Python is an interactive, high-level programming language. Python, an object-oriented programming language, is open-source and general-purpose interpreted. It allows developers to create compelling desktop or web solutions and supports functional programming. With a projected projection of 42% of all development projects based on python in 2018, developers are rapidly moving to this language for development.
C#: C#, a general-purpose OOPs-based language created by Microsoft. C# is a part the.Net Framework and is used to create a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). This includes executable code that provides a runtime environment that allows various high-level languages to be used on different platforms and architectures.
JavaScript: JavaScript (or JS) is a popular programming language that can be used in conjunction with HTML to add dynamic interactivity. This programming language is extremely versatile and allows you to create dynamic layouts, carousels and image galleries as well as responses to button clicks. JavaScript’s extensive experience allows you to create fully-featured games, animations, databases-driven apps, and many other web components. JavaScript is used by 65% of developers so far. This year, JavaScript will see a 5% increase in popularity.
PHP: PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open-source scripting language that can be used for general purposes. It is widely used in web development. To create server-side scripts, PHP can be easily embedded into HTML. PHP can be used to create dynamic content for websites or applications that go beyond the HTML output. PHP supports a variety of databases and is compatible with most commonly used servers, such as Apache and IIS. It can be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Unix and Linux, Mac OS X and many other platforms.
C++: C++, a widely-used programming language, is used primarily to leverage the system software, drivers, and applications that are based on the client/server architecture and embedded firmware. C++, an object-oriented programming language, has a large number of predefined classes. This allows for software development that combines the best of both high and low level languages.
Swift: Swift was developed by Apple Inc. to create appealing applications for iOS, macOS and Linux. It is an intuitive and powerful programming language. Swift is a modern programming language that allows you to create applications that are safe and follow Objective-C syntax. It also allows seamless access to Cocoa frameworks.
By mastering at least one of the programming languages listed above, you can become a professional software developer.
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