5 Best Coding Bootcamps San Francisco, CA

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley in San Francisco is the technological hub of the globe. San Francisco’s tech jobs are the second-highest in growth. There’s no better place to begin your coding career. The best coding Bootcamp San Francisco has available will teach you everything you need. There are many bootcamps in the area, so let’s take a look at the best.
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What is a Coding Bootcamp?

What are the best coding bootcamps near San Francisco?

Is coding a good career choice?

Are coding bootcamps worthwhile?

Which is better? Coding bootcamp vs. degree

How long does coding bootcamps last?

We’ll also share our advice on choosing a Coding Bootcamp.
What is a Coding Bootcamp?
Have you ever wished that you could learn all there is to know about coding in a matter of months? A coding bootcamp is a rigorous course that packs a lot of knowledge in a short time. You’ll have the same skills and experience as someone who has spent years training and working.
Bootcamps can be hard work. They take up to 70 hours per week for three and a quarter months. The skills and knowledge that you will gain are well worth it.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps
Let’s take a look at the benefits of Coding Bootcamp and decide if it’s right for you.
Relevant Skills
Bootcamps can be done in any order, unlike degrees and other structured courses. Bootcamps are short-term and course leaders can adapt content and materials to the current job market. Everything changes in the tech industry so often.
JavaScript is today’s most popular language, but who knows what else might be useful? Each year, tech geniuses create new languages. A coding bootcamp keeps students up-to-date and teaches them the skills employers are looking for.
San Francisco is also at the forefront of these developments. There is no better place in the world to learn code.
Post-graduate Opportunities
Coding Bootcamps are more industry-oriented than other academic courses. This means they can better prepare you for the real world. Many courses provide job preparation tips and skills. These could include helping students with networking events, creating a resume or portfolio, and assisting with interview preparation.
Coding Dojo offers a lifetime career support program. Coding Dojo, unlike most Bootcamp courses, offers six months of support for their career service. However, Coding Dojo understands your career questions don’t end there.
Many coding Bootcamps also integrate with leaders in the tech industry. You might be taught by some the most brilliant minds in San Francisco. You can also meet potential employees at networking events. San Francisco has more than 3,640 tech start ups and more that 92,900 jobs. Bootcamps prepare for the future.
Proven Success
Bootcamps are not a new trend. Bootcamps have been around for many years and have helped thousands of students improve their skills. Our Bootcamp success at Coding Dojo is clear. We have
More than 8000 graduates
Ten years of teaching experience
Placement rate of 89.1% within six months
$72,000 average graduate starting salary

Top 5 Coding Bootcamps San Francisco, CA
What are the best coding Bootcamps in San Francisco, then?
Coding Dojo
Coding Dojo’s Bootcamp was established in 2012. It lasts 14 weeks. Coding Dojo offers students the opportunity to learn web and software development at its San Jose campus. Coding Dojo offers a comprehensive three-stack curriculum that covers more technology than any other bootcamp, including:
Python Full Stack
MERN Full Stack
Java Full Stack

It provides 24/7 access to the learning platform, live instruction and small group code reviews.
Admission costs $14,950 They offer several scholarships and financing options.
General Assembly
General Assembly (GA), is one of the first San Francisco coding Bootcamps. They offer a variety of coding courses that range from part-time or onsite, as well as a variety of coding courses. Some of their courses include:
Software engineering
Data science
Front-end web development
JavaScript development

Some courses are career-focused while others are skills-based. A 12-week full-time immersive course requires 480 hours of work. Depending on which course you choose, admission costs around PS10,000
First Step Coding
First Step Coding targets college students and recent graduates. If you want to get back to basics, they offer a one-month course that teaches everything about coding. You’ll get a personalized education in small classes of eight to sixteen students. Classes are held at night on a partial-time basis.
First Step Coding promises:

Graduates can also use their credits towards advanced Bootcamps to further their skills.
Hack Reactor
Hack Reactor was founded in 2012 and has helped thousands find full-time work since. They offer four types of Bootcamps.